Duran Duran shows their worthy of longevity with new DVD

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Duran Duran shows their worthy of longevity with new DVD

The Associated Press

Reunited '80s hitmakers Duran Duran complete their comeback with Live From London, a concert DVD that faithfully delivers the sounds and form that took them from an art school pub act to the top of the charts.

The footage is taken from a 2004 concert at Wembley Arena in London. While the fab five plods a bit a times, they mainly soar during this nearly two-hour DVD. It helps that Wembley was packed with raving Duran-ees, worked into full froth, singing along with every lyric and clinging to the days of pegged pants past.

The band delivers their best known songs with great energy, from Hungry Like the Wolf to Planet Earth. Roger Taylor hasn't lost a beat on drums and his driving tempo on the later song is something to behold.

Lead vocalist Simon LeBon remains the star of this outfit. He was the frontman that all others in his heyday were measured by — though few measured up. This remains the case. He looks spry, jumping around the stage, prancing, preening and still belting out those high-pitched vocals that were a radio and MTV mainstay.

LeBon and the boys really excel on the slow numbers. Ordinary World is a beautiful song done beautifully again here. It came from a reincarnation of the band that was not comprised of the original players, but they handle it smoothly here.

Any current crop of rockers who thinks Duran Duran was all hair-gel and eye shadow should snap up this DVD and watch closely. And Taylor is absolutely no joke on the guitar.

This DVD is no cheapie as far as production value. There are loads of camera angles, and top notch lighting and sound.

The extras include a photo slideshow and an interesting documentary with a few of the fellows taking a drive past their old Birmingham haunts. It's charming to hear them talk about the early days.

Hat's off to the tightest pop band of the 80s. They've done it again.

- Courtesy Associated Press