Duran Duran No Longer ‘On A Runaway Horse’

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DURAN DURAN: NO LONGER "ON A RUNAWAY HORSE." One of the most sought-after concert tickets this winter is for Duran Duran's big coast-to-coast reunion tour. The band's original five members reformed to record and release last year's album, Astronaut, and now they're taking the show on the road. Guitarist John Taylor says those lucky enough to get inside the door will see a well-oiled Duran Duran machine. "I think we've improved as musicians. I think there's a greater control in what we do now. So, when we take to the stage, we don't feel like we're chasing something. There was a time when it felt like going on stage, the curtains opening was like being on a runaway horse and it's not like that now. We're firmly in the driving seat and I think as a result, we're having more fun." Duran Duran will begin a week of Japanese shows this Saturday. They'll be back in the States to begin their North American tour early next month.

Courtesy VH1.com