Birthday Message from John

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Apparently it's my birthday... People keep asking me 'How does it feel?', and 'You must be excited..' etc.. so yes, there is a birthday coming. Twentieth of June certainly rings a bell.. Okay, okay, I admit it.. Yes. I am happy to be another year older. (Am I really?!) Birthdays get more confusing every year. There will be a cake (of course), probably onstage (for this is the tradition).. Being in Italy is nice and having my daughter with me makes it very special. Yes I am 45 this year which has no special significance to me other than singles in the old days of 'record players' played at 45 revolutions per minute (see how old I am?).. so '45's' as they were called, were pretty special. What am I saying? Nothing really. As a Mississippi friend of mine would say, 'ah'm just bumpin' gums'..

But thanks for all the cards and well-wishes. It's just great to be alive!