Wild Boys Scare Up a TV Fortune

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CHILDREN IN NEED raised a record £17million with Jeremy Bowen and BBC1's Scots political editor Andrew Marr leading the way dressed as video warriors.

They joined their colleagues Michael Buerk, Bill Turnbull and Rob Bonnet to camp it for Duran Duran's 80s hit Wild Boys - even if the Beeb guys are more mild boys.

They did look more News-fright than Newsnight but their female colleagues were not to be outdone. Dancing queen Natasha Kaplinsky and her newsreading pals Sophie Raworth and Fiona Bruce turned themselves into 80s girl band Bananarama to belt out their hit version of Venus.

News presenter Jackie Bird and pop star Darius led BBC Scotland's coverage to raise £884,000 north of the Border.

It went towards a UK-wide figure of £17million on the night.

Courtesy Sunday Mail UK