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Sunday's Observer (Review section, article on "The Top 50 Autumn Highlights"; print version has a picture of DD):

They're Back: Rem, U2 And Duran Duran
Record companies traditionally save their big guns for a consumer assault in the autumn. This year is no exception; 21 years after their last studio album with the original line-up, Duran Duran release Astronaut on 4 October [NOW OCTOBER 11], which on the evidence of their live shows earlier this year, is a return to their catchy electro-funk of the Eighties. On the same day REM release Around The Sun, but before then a lucky few will be able to hear a sneak preview at a secret London gig this week. Fellow stadium-fillers U2 had a scare in July during a photo session in Nice when they lost a CD containing new songs from the forthcoming album, but unless you're the culprit you'll have to wait until 22 November to buy the as-yet untitled album. AO