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Duran Duran / Goldfrapp live @ Arena 11/4/04/

And they haven't changed a bit

Nevermind the old verses the new, this was top quality from start to finish.

Nigel Bell

A night of shocks began with a fire engine circling the Arena pumping out Duran Duran's hits at an incredible volume.

Surely it was a bit late to advertise the show. Maybe Blue Watch were simply miffed at not being allowed time off to see the gig.

Then there was Goldfrapp. There was I scared off from queuing for a pint and swiftly making the decision to get one at the interval.

I'll take my seat early I thought. Lo and behold Alison and co. were already on stage. I swear it was 19.35. Fair enough, the ticket said the show began at 19.30, but when does a gig ever start promptly?

By the time I'd sat down the Felt Mountain material was out of the way and we were firmly into the Black Cherry album.

And what a stunning site Goldfrapp were. There was the keyboard player with the long green boa, a Rasputin-style attired violinist and then there was Alison Goldfrapp.

If you've seen the cover of Black Cherry you'll know half the story - black hat, sparkly top, knee length black boots and a white horses tail...yes tail.To say you couldn't take your eyes off her was an understatement.

Considering they were support they got a great reaction from the, by then, three quarters full auditorium.

The one disappointment - they were gone within 35 minutes.And so to another shock. Not that anyone would doubt Duran Duran could play having seen them at the Brits, but they look so good.

It could have been the 80s all over again. And how come they all have such great heads of hair. Jealous, moi? Simon and Nick, beautifully coiffed and the Taylor's all sporting fine mullets.

Picture the scene then, the lights dim, the audience screams, five figures walk to the front of the stage. The flashbulbs flash as each slowly takes his place behind his instrument.

Let the hits begin. You name them, they were there - well, Skin Trade wasn't!

So the highlights - View To A Kill, Notorious melding into We Are Family, a particularly spunky Careless Memories and Wild Boys.

Simon Le Bon's never sung better. And if praise were needed then it's fair to say this live show was probably better than that recorded on the soon to be reissued Arena album.

Two hours of pure nostalgia. But you can't have everything and if I was going to be picky I'd be asking where were the pyrotechnics? I could have done with a few flash, bangs on Wild Boys.

That said, the Duran Duran revival is well underway.

Duran Duran set list Nottingham Arena 11/4/04
Hungry Like the Wolf
Planet Earth
Union of the Snake
Come Undone
A View to a Kill
What Happens Tomorrow
Tiger Tiger
Is There Something I Should Know
I Don't Want Your Love
The Chauffeur
Beautiful Colours
Ordinary World
Save A Prayer
The Reflex
Careless Memories
Wild Boys
Girls On Film