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Nick and Gavin have done some mini videos set to Goldfrapp music:

1. Log on to
2. On the SHOWstudio front page you can click on the Lyric project image (the one that changes to an image of tangled phones on mouse rollover) or click "Lyric" in the navigation below to launch the project.
3. Once inside the project you can opt to read about the project itself or, if you can't wait, you can click on the "NICK RHODES & GAVIN ELDER" link at the top of the first page to start viewing movies.
4.The following page will load a series of linked images representing each line of the chosen song, Strict Machine (a new line/image is added to the front of the list every day).
5. Click on any of the images to launch a full screen movie illustrating each respective line of lyrics.
6. Come back tomorrow to view the next movie