John Taylor Remembers John Peel

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What a tragedy that British Broadcasting Legend John Peel has died, at the relatively young age of sixty five, of a heart attack, while in Peru. This could take a while to sink in;

He was a fantastic man. An inspiration to so many generations of British youth. He was a creative mid-wife to so many suburban young, bringing sounds of the new and the avant to the ears of the great unwashed and (otherwise would have been) out of touch.

There really has not been much good music that has not been sorted through the filter of 'Top Gear' and 'The John Peel Show' over the years. That he was a champion, to so much talent, from Marc Bolan and Rod Stewart, to The Prefects and Siouxsie and The Banshees, to The White Stripes and Pink Floyd, is well known, his 'Peel Sessions' series world famous.

During my formative, teenage years,  time spent in Mr. Peel's company would begin weeknights, at 10pm. Upon hearing the first few bars of his unmistakable theme tune, Grinderswitch's 'Picking The Blues'. I would turn off the lights and pull up the covers, and for two hours in the company of Mr. Peel I could get taken almost anywhere. All music became interesting and exciting in his hands.

It is no exaggeration to say one would not be here without him.

For your sense of humour, and your taste. And your absolute dedication to spreading the gospel of music. I shall miss you. We all shall all miss you.

Bless you John, and thank you.