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(Reach up for the) Sunrise
Producer(s): Duran Duran, Don Gilmore
Writer(s): Duran Duran
Publisher(s): Copyright Control
Genre: POP
Label/Catalog Number: Epic 56921 (CD promo)
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: September 04, 2004

Nearly 20 years after disbanding, the original fab five, Duran Duran, have reunited for an Oct. 12 studio album ("Astronaut"), with this single providing a sneak peek. It's the group's first offering from its legendary lineup since 1985's No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 single "A View to a Kill." "Sunrise" is a blast of fresh air. The uptempo dance/ rock track has a thrilling, uplifting chorus: 'Reach up for the sunrise/ Put your hands into the big sky/You can touch the sunrise/Feel the new day enter your life." The lyrics to the ebullient track are fitting. Simply put, this is a new day for Duran Duran. The group, along with co-producer Don Gilmore, has captured a mood and spirit sure to bring a smile to fans' faces, especially given the rabid response to the band's brief reunion tour last year. Welcome back Simon, Nick, Andy, John and Roger. We missed you.—KC

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