Duran Duran's Hungry Again

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Boston Globe, August 14, 2004

They're not the international superstars they were in the '80s, but Duran Duran, who slipped into town this week to schmooze local radio execs, are still pretty. "Gorgeous," shrieked Ames Emory, a Boston business consultant who'll never forget the first time she watched the band's bawdy "Girls on Film" video. "I was 11," she said, standing not five feet from singer Simon LeBon as he sipped a Red Bull and vodka at Saint. "I didn't know about boys, but I knew I liked that video." In October, Duran Duran will release "Astronaut" -- its first album with the original lineup since 1985 -- and they're intent on promoting it, even if it means temporarily giving up the good life. "I love Boston," said guitarist Andy Taylor, "but I live in Ibiza." 'Nuff said. Asked if they feel some pressure to match their past success -- "Rio," you'll recall, sold more than 2 million copies in 1983 -- bassist John Taylor said Sony would like a hit, and the band hopes to oblige. "You always got to serve somebody," he said, flashing a movie star smile. "Even Picasso had someone saying to him, `Less plates, baby, more canvas.' " For his part, keyboardist Nick Rhodes said he's just planning to plug in and play, and the rest will take care of itself. "We were the Fab 5 before the Fab 5," he said.