Duran Duran to Film Concert

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Duran Duran, in association with Coming Home Studios, will be filming  two shows from their UK tour for an upcoming television special and  DVD.  The film will be directed by Larry Jordan and shot in High  Definition.

The last two shows, on April 30th and May 1st, wrap up Duran Duran's  triumphant return to the UK stage. There seems no more fitting a  setting to capture the magic of the band's stellar live performance  then the last two - out of five - sold out shows at Wembley Arena.

Since the original members of  Duran Duran re-formed in 2001, audiences in the UK, North America, Australia and Japan have been  treated to an amazing series of concerts that has garnered rave reviews from the fans and media alike. The band look forward to giving viewers an intimate peak into a true rock n' roll show.