Duran Duran Do the SuperBowl!

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For those of us lucky to be able to tune in, Duran Duran performed live on CBS television (USA) at about 3:55PM EST. Though the band played a one hour show for those lucky enough to get in to the tailgate event, only WILD BOYS was broadcast.

Billed as "The Best Little Tailgate in Texas" The NFL Tailgate Party was for 10,000 people, invitation only for NFL Sponsors, team players, owners, coaches, celebrities, etc...

Everything in the party was 'bigger than life' hosting the longest bar ever built, 35' longhorns suspended in the air, 50 restaurants serving local Texan food, an entire rodeo set up, mechanical bulls, a seafood boil and more!

L-R: Simon gets ready, View from Outside, Duran Duran do their stuff, Limo ride