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Duran Duran back after 21 years


TWENTY-ONE years is a long time between albums.

But for Duran Duran, the timing is right as the '80s pop outfit prepares for its first release since 1983's Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

"We were all in a place where we wanted to do it," Duran Duran's John Taylor said in Sydney yesterday.

"Also, I guess we all kind of felt that if we wanted to do it, this was the last chance really."

Duran Duran's original troupe -- Simon Le Bon, Andy Taylor, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor -- arrived in Australia yesterday.

The group, who are now all in their 40s, will spend two days in Sydney before travelling to Melbourne.

Following that, the group will fly to Hong Kong and then Tokyo.

The new album, Astronaut, was three years in the making and has been slated for an October 4 release.

The first single, Sunrise, will hit stores on September 20 and has been described as upbeat with a dark side.

"It is the best collection of Duran Duran songs we have ever done, without a doubt," John said.

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