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Duran Duran star Simon set to be reunited with his yacht when tour hits Scotland

By Rick Fulton

DURAN Duran singer Simon Le Bon is going to do a Rio down the Clyde when he's reunited with his old yacht Drum.

The singer who with the rest of the band will be awarded an Outstanding Contribution at the Brits on Tuesday, is planning to see the 77-foot boat in April.

It's now owned by Arnold Clark, who charters out the £7 million yacht and also donates trips on it as raffle prizes for charities.

Simon and Drum became famous in 1985 when it overturned in storms off Cornwall during the Fastnet Race. He and five others were trapped below deck in a pocket of air for 40 minutes before being rescued. At the time he said they were 'very lucky to be alive'.

He plays Glasgow SECC on April 15 and said: 'I'd love to have a go on the Drum again.

'I'm pretty sure I'm going to see her and kiss her hello.

'I don't think about how I nearly died I think about the month on the Caribbean on her.'

Most recently the Drum was used by Stella McCartney's husband-to-be Alasdhair Willis who sailed to Rothesay last year aboard it before their wedding.

Simon said: 'I love sailing. Any mate who has a boat, I'm on it.

'I still enjoy racing. I'll go on a two-man Laser right up to a racing classic.

I'm not proud. I love the sea and wind.'

Before Scotland hears Simon singing, 'And when she shines she really shows you all she can, Oh Rio, Rio dance across the River Clyde, ' Duran Duran will be at the Brit Awards in London.

Their Outstanding Contribution Award means Duran Duran join U2, David Bowie, Sir Elton John, Sting and Tom Jones.

The group Simon, Nick Rhodes and Taylors John, Andy and Roger split up in 1985 although Simon, Nick and John continued until John left in 1997. Simon and Nick then continued until the original group decided to reform in 2001.

They are making organisers at the Brits sweat because they haven't decided what to play from hits like Rio, Planet Earth, The Reflex and View To AKill.

Simon said: 'We're having a heated debate.

'We want something the band all wrote together. Hungry Like The Wolf and Girls On Film are very important songs to us.

'But there are no definite plans yet.'

There have been rumours Prince William will attend the Brits and there are also reports Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have been invited by Simon.

The singer denies this, although he adds: 'It's news to me, but it would be great if he and Prince William came, wouldn't it?'