Thoughts On Robert Palmer

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"We are deeply saddened and devastated at the tragic loss of Robert Palmer. He was a dear friend and an artist of immense talent. This is a tragic and profound loss to the music industry.Our deepest sympathies are with his family and with his partner Mary at this time."

"Robert Palmer had a profound influence on us as musicians. He was a sophisticated music scientist who loved to experiment. In many subtle ways, he helped to change and shape popular music. Very few artists can claim to have created a body of work as satisfying as his. He had a great sense of fun and he knew how to rock. He was a good friend to all of Duran Duran."
- John Taylor

"Robert Palmer was an artist of immeasurable talent, a perfectionist and a kindred soul, he was a mentor and a huge influence on my career. You could plant a seed of an idea with him, which would quickly grow into a tree. Whatever you gave Robert, he would post it back with interest, he was the genuine article of an artist. The last time I saw him was in Japan a few weeks ago in the middle of our tour, he was in better spirits and voice than
I had seen for a long time, he came to see Duran perform and gave me his seal of approval and what turned out to be an impromptu last gig together. Robert was a true northern soul. My thoughts and deepest sympathies go to his family and his partner Mary."
- Andy Taylor

"The world lost a truly great singer and musician today. He is gone but the songs he wrote will be with us forever. He is an icon of our age. He was an aesthete, a charming gentleman and a good man. He lived his life as full and hard as anyone I've ever known. Robert always had time for people, he would give support and good advice when you needed it. Most of all he was a friend.

We had some fine times together over the years. Last time was in Tokyo this July and I was lucky enough to see him doing what he loved best. There he was on stage fronting a tight band, surrounded by beautiful girls and singing the blues to a crowd that was loving it. Picture him as he was in the video clip for "Addicted to Love" - I'll think of him like that, because that's how he'd want to be remembered."
-Simon LeBon