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Some American magazines seem to be recent fans of the band. Last month's SPIN put John on a list of attractive men from the 80s and this this month's issue has a "Personal Ad" from one of the guys from Interpol. When asked what would be found in his bedroom, among them was "a poster of Duran Duran."

Last week's PEOPLE magazine (the Oscar issue) asked celebs who their first kiss was and the highlighted answer is from Jenny McCarthy , who says that she used to practise by kissing her pillows and pretending they were the guys in Duran Duran.

This week's US magazine has a little box on reunions and it mentions Duran Duran and uses a quote from JT.

The current ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY features their pop culture issue, and one of the 100 questions is HOW DID DURAN DURAN GET THEIR NAME? complete with an older picture of the band in the ANSWERS section.

Last week saw a slew of sightings in the UK press, with the band's first official photo in OK! Magazine, THE EVENING NEWS, THE EVENING EXPRESS, THE SHEFFIELD STAR,THE EASTERN DAILY PRESS, THE DAILY RECORD, THE DAILY EXPRESS, THE EXPRESS STAR & THE DAILY STAR, among others.

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