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Happy Valentine's Day!

The band have been extremely productive as of late, as the most recent recording session went very well. Over the course of the week that they just spent together, three new songs were written - one of which has now been completed (up to and including a rough mix) and the other songs are in various stages of production. The band and all involved in the recording are really excited about the new songs - one of which they believe could be a strong contender for the first single.

Following the success of this last trip, JT is now planning to head back to the UK on the 18th of Feb to continue working on the new material.

As for an album title, Sunrise was indeed a working title at one point, but Andy mentioned that he'd heard that Simply Red have just released a new record with this name -so that's the end of that, if this is indeed the case.(We have since found out this is NOT the case, but SUNRISE is still out to pasture as far as album titles go). Lazy Bedstar was never a particularly serious contender - although Simon really liked it. Until the material is finished though, it's unlikely that the band will come up with a definitive name - as the new song titles keep providing different inspiration.

Too early to say anything yet on the label front - except that discussions are still continuing with a number of the Majors and we hope to have some news to report within the next few weeks. Apologies from the band that this has been a somewhat 'secretive' and lengthy process, but finding the right label is like getting married - it's never a good idea to hurry things too much!!