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“We have a confession to make: We screamed like teenage girls while reporting this item. Sure, we scream like teenage girls all the time, but this meant so much to us. . . It was, after all, the first U.S. Duran Duran concert featuring the original lineup since Live Aid back in 1985! The reunited New Romantic icons packed the Sunset Strip nightclub the Roxy in July. . . ”
-Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, Spin

“It must’ve been 100 musty, dripping-wet degrees inside Webster Hall Wednesday night, but Le Bon wasn’t the only one feeling good . . . The hair is shorter and the eyeliner is lighter, but amazingly, the Birmingham boys still have it.”
- Mary Huhn, New York Post

“They were on like Simon LeBon--mewling and ambrosial, with a gnashing guitar and buttery highlights that confided a discreet hair shift from trumarama to surfarama. Duran Duran, architecturally the Rem Koolhaas of ‘80s Britpop, could have bid us, their squeaky, fawning canaries, to plummet off the Millennium Bridge for the love of them. . . . By the encore--a superb cover of Grandmaster Flash’s ‘White Lines’--the Duranicals had swooned us to altitudes ecclesiastic.”
- Nita Rao, Village Voice

“Duran '03 retains a certain ...funky pop magic that can leave fans gleefully spellbound.”
-Ben Wener, Orange County Register

“The undeniable chemistry of the original lineup remains intact.....the reunited band still has the charisma and great musical chops that helped it become one of the biggest bands of the 1980s. Rather than being stuck in the past, the current live act indicates that the original Duran Duran is ready to make its mark in the present and be an important part of the musical future.”
-Carla Hay, Billboard.com

“Duran Duran... caused pandemonium on the Sunset Strip. Fans mobbed the tiny Roxy...”
-Steven Baltin, RollingStone.com

“Judging from the reaction inside the packed club these Duran’s devotees... definitely felt they got their money’s worth... The entire crowd was a seething, screaming, sweaty mass.”
-Lyndsey Parker, Launch.com

“I’ve yearned for this moment since I was an 11-year-old Duranie.”
-Sarah Tulley, Orange County Register

“This performance is a platform for the second coming of Duran Duran”
-J.G., Women’s Wear Daily

“The Duran guys are terrific musicians...
a band clearly dedicated to recapturing momentum.”
-Melissa Ruggieri, Richmond Times Dispatch

“A lively two-hour show, leaving a rabid capacity crowd satiated and, in many cases, visibly exhausted.”
-Spencer Patterson, Las Vegas Sun