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Every year, Nick and Katy choose what films, actors, actresses, directors and songs should win an Academy Award. Some of you have written in asking them to share their choices for this year. So instead of Ebert and Roeper, you have... Rhodes and Krassner. Check back on Monday to see which one of them were more in touch with OSCAR


WILL WIN: Both Nick and Katy agree that CHICAGO will win BEST PICTURE

SHOULD WIN: Again they agree - it should be THE PIANIST


WILL WIN: Nick picks Martin Scorcese for GANGS OF NY. Katy picks Rob Marshall for CHICAGO

SHOULD WIN: Nick goes with Roman Polanski for THE PIANIST. Katy agrees with him , only because she really doesn't know.


WILL WIN: Nick says Daniel Day Lewis. Katy says NO WAY and gives it to Jack Nicholson

SHOULD WIN: Nick goes for Adrian Brody in THE PIANIST. Katy sticks with Jack as a Should Win


WILL WIN: Both go with Nicole Kidman for THE HOURS.

SHOULD WIN: Nick gives it to Julianne Moore in FAR FROM HEAVEN. Katy goes with Diane Lane in UNFAITHFUL


WILL WIN: Nick says that Christopher Walken will get it for CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Katy disagrees, and goes with Chris Cooper in ADAPTATION

SHOULD WIN: A flip/flop - Nick says Chris Cooper SHOULD WIN, while Katy thinks Christopher Walken SHOULD WIN!


WILL WIN: Both agree that Catherine Zeta Jones will likely get it for CHICAGO

SHOULD WIN: Nick goes with his fave, Julianne Moore, for her performance in THE HOURS. Katy gives it to Kathy Bates for ABOUT SCHMIDT


WILL WIN: Both agree that "The Hands That Built America" by U2 will win

SHOULD WIN: Both agree that "Lose Yourself" by Eminem should take the Oscar


WILL WIN: Nick is giving it to TALK TO HER. Katy really doesn't know enough about this category to choose

SHOULD WIN: Nick gives it to TALK TO HER AGAIN. Because of his enthuism, katy goes with that one too


WILL WIN: Nick & Katy give it to THE HOURS

SHOULD WIN: Nick gives it to THE PIANIST. Katy would love to see ABOUT A BOY get it, but knows it won't.