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There is a new poll up, so check it out!

Simon LeBon's version of MAGIC BUS, and the Sneaker Pimp's cover of THE CHAUFFEUR, are two songs that will appear on an Alain Mikli compilation CD to be sold in Alain Mikli stores throughout Japan. The store will begin to carry the CD starting July 11th 2003. There will be a release Party that night in Tokyo.

The CD will then be available through regular retail record shops in Japan as of September 10th 2003. In September, it may be possible to purchase the CD thru the SYN website at

John and Gela attended the book launch for Gigi Grazer's "man eater" on May 29th. Included in the gift bag given to guests was a copy of Duran Duran's 'Greatest' CD. Apparently there are quite a few DD mentions in the book. JT then left for London June 1st to begin rehearsals with the band for the upcoming live shows. However, before leaving he spent some time in the studio getting his gear ready to go and choosing which basses he wants to use. Check out for photos and the complete lowdown on his rig.