Japanese Press Conference

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Duran Duran did a press conference in Japan on July 3rd. Here is a little of what went on behind the scenes:

The Conference began at 2.00 pm at a local hotel in the Hickory Room on the 2nd floor. Journalists from TV, radio and print were in attendance.

Order of events:

As journalists take their seats a classic Duran track blared over the PA. The band then entered the room to much anticipation. Simon, Nick, Roger, Andy and John are seated on a top table with an interpreter nearby, and tour posters as the backdrop. A woman named Snoopy, who hosts a few popular radio shows in Japan and has known the band since the beginning of their career, introduces them and then hand over the microphone for the band to say a few words. Snoopy is the MC of the press conference, and starts proceedings by asking the band a few questions before opening questions up to the floor of journalists. The band do a photo call at the end of the conference against a backdrop of posters to the side of the room. They finish by doing short one-on-ones with the key TV crews. More than 120 journalists & photographers attended along with 8 film crews.