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DURAN DURAN - NOT JUST ANY "OLDIES SHOW." Duran Duran fans are champing at the bit to see the newly reunited band live. So far, live dates have been few and far between for the band, first tackling Japan, then moving on to cities like LA, Las Vegas and New York. For those that are waiting for the full tour announcement, just remember, there's no rushing one of the most anticipated comebacks in recent memory. When we caught up with the band last week, John Taylor told us how much time and effort they spent into arranging the live show they have now. (Actuality #2) "We didn't wanna come back with an oldies show, so we spent a year or so writing new material, which was great. But to come out and play and be in front of an audience and the audience being so, not hungry, but so keen, it's been great. And we fit, man. You know, we fit. There's been a lot of line-ups of Duran Duran, we've all played with different musicians, but this is the chemistry. This is the real one." Even more select cites will have Duran Duran coming their way over this month and next, but only as part of a few radio concerts. Hopefully we'll get some new headlining dates from the band soon. According to, they'll be opening up for Robbie Williams during his Australian dates in December.