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Important Update on the Duran Duran Encore Series:

We appreciate the continued patience from those who purchased a show from the Duran Duran Encore Series. Your anticipation equals our desire to get your order shipped as soon as possible. Unfortunately we’ve suffered a further delay.

Here’s the latest news:

Packaging: Normally we use simple packaging for the Encore Series which helps us start shipping soon after the actual show date…and is in the spirit of an actual “Bootleg” recording. For Duran Duran we were excited about a package design that was much more involved and also matched the bands sense of style. That packaging has taken a lot longer to turn around than we anticipated…and contributed greatly to the delays we’ve faced. The good news is that the packaging is being printed and should be available to us within a few weeks.

Recordings: The mastered recordings should be approved soon. It’s been a string of circumstances that have lead to this point...even the blackout hurt us! That said, the recordings should be approved very soon.

If all falls into place we should have discs ready to ship in a few weeks…but we can’t set a firm ship date at this point.

Now, for some good news. We’ve received approval to offer a complete set of all available shows in a specially designed collectors box. The design of the box will match the jackets and program from the tour and safely hold all released shows from the Duran Duran Encore Series.

If you’ve pre-ordered the Japanese package, or any Duran show, please know that we have not charged your credit card…and won’t until your order is ready to ship. If you want to upgrade to the complete Duran Duran Collectors Box, you will be able to change your order on your account page at

The Collectors Box Set isn’t available at this time but will be available for Pre-ordering in the near future, and you’ll be notified in a future email.

Thanks again for your patience. We honestly can’t wait to start shipping the Duran Duran Encore Series and will continue to keep you updated as to when the actual “Ship Date” will be.

The Encore Staff