Duran Duran Remember Tony Thompson

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You are always reminded of New York when you think of Tony. He epitomized what the city stands for - love of music, love of life. It was the place we
all came together and also where it all started for him. While his list of credits is endless, his skill as a drummer is undeniably his trademark. His sound is etched on so many records today.

It was Tony's vision to bring Bernard Edwards on board with Power Station, forming a unique Anglo-American bond. Tony always gave you more than he took but his power and passion on the drums was undeniable. He created the perfect sound and was always pushing for more. I would like to think that I knew him at the peak of his power and will always remember him that way -


A very generous man whose sense of humour, even in the darkness, brought light to our world.
Rest in peace, my friend. You are a true original.

Andy, John, Nick, Simon, Roger - Duran Duran