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Along with Interviews, Uncensored Versions and Alternate Cuts

DVD In-Stores on November 4, 2003

Band Earns Lifetime Achievement Award at MTV Video Music Awards

Reunited Duran Duran Back In the Studio Writing and Recording

Band Scheduled To Tour America In November

Hollywood, CA, September 8, 2003 – The five original members of Duran Duran Simon LeBon (vocals), Andy Taylor (guitars), Roger Taylor (drums), John Taylor (bass) and Nick Rhodes (keyboards) were presented Lifetime Achievement Awards at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards last week, in recognition of both the groundbreaking clips they produced and the incredible contribution they made to the development of the music video as an art form and a powerful marketing medium.

The success of Duran Duran and the music video format are inextricably linked, going back to the launch of MTV, some 20 years ago. Duran Duran unleashed the incredible power of this new medium when they became the first band to create videos that were more like mini-movies than promotional music clips. Duran Duran shunned blue screens and smoke machines for the mise-en-scene of exotic locations and extravagant sets. “Rio”, “Wild Boys” and “Hungry Like The Wolf” were as much adventure films as a vehicle for the music. The success of their videos and the universal appeal of the songs that they wrote made Duran Duran international superstars and established MTV as the purveyor of cultural cool.

These videos, and more, will be available on DVD when Capitol Records releases Duran Duran Greatest DVD video anthology, on November 4, 2003. The 2-DVD collection brings together all the videos from Duran Duran’s years with Capitol Records (1981-1994). Videos from their debut “Planet Earth” to “Come Undone”, are included, along with uncensored versions, alternate cuts and select press interviews.

Every Duran Duran video was an epic visual romp through the styles, fashions and sounds of the time, from the new-wave synth riffs of “The Chauffer” to the innovative acid house beats of “All She Wants Is”, or the epic balladry of “Ordinary World”. Also included on the collection are the now legendary uncensored versions of “Girls On Film” and “Come Undone”.

In addition to the 3 hours of music video content there is also a DVD-ROM feature that contains “Is There Something I Should Know?” - a 30 minute audio-only question and answer session recorded with Nick and Simon for the Greatest album, a photo gallery – featuring over 80 images from throughout the band’s career, lyrics to all the songs featured on the DVD and wallpapers for the PC.

Duran Duran has recently reunited with the original line-up and has been inciting hysteria as it sells out shows around the world. Currently, the band are in the studio writing and recording new material for an upcoming record and plan to do an American tour in November 2003.

Duran Duran Greatest DVD is a must for every Duran fan and an engaging video history of one of the most adored bands in the world.


DVD 1:
1. Planet Earth
2. Girls On Film (Long uncensored version)
3. The Chauffeur
4. Hungry Like The Wolf
5. Save A Prayer
6. Rio
7. Is There Something I Should Know?
8. Union Of The Snake
9. New Moon On Monday (E.P Version)
10. The Reflex
11. Wild Boys (7” Edit Version)
12. A View To A Kill

DVD 2:
1. Notorious
2. Skin Trade
3. I Don’t Want Your Love
4. All She Wants Is
5. Serious
6. Burning The Ground
7. Ordinary World
8. Come Undone (Uncensored version)
9. Electric Barbarella

- Planet Earth (Club Version)
- A Day In The Life featurette
- Girls On Film (long uncensored version - alternate ending)
- Girls On Film (short censored version)
- Nick and Simon discuss the recording and production of the album Seven &
The Ragged Tiger
- Union of the Snake (Dancing On The Valentine version)
- New Moon On Monday (Movie Version)
- New Moon On Monday (Edit Master # 1)
- New Moon On Monday (Edit Master # 2)
- New Moon On Monday (Video version for Top Of the Pops)
- Interview by Paul Gambaccini with Roger, Andy and Simon about Wild Boys
- Wild Boys (Long Arena Version)
- Interview by Paul Gambaccini with John, Andy about A View To A Kill
- Liberty album EPK featuring interviews with John, Nick, Simon, Warren & Sterling, rehearsal footage and the Violence of Summer video
- Serious – 3 Alternate edits on a split screen/multi angle feature
- The Wedding Album – UK Television Commercial
- Come Undone (Censored version)

- Weblink to the official Duran Duran website
- Is There Something I Should Know? – approx 30 minute audio only question and answer session recorded with Nick and Simon 1999.
- Photo Gallery – featuring over 80 images from throughout the band’s career.
- Lyrics to all songs featured on the DVD
- A screen saver and wallpapers