Another Pre-Sale…Encore Series from Japan

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Fans will be able to purchase CD recordings of the band's Japanese concert, as Duran Duran has cut a deal with music website Dubbed "Duran Duran Encore Series," the limited-edition, two-disc sets will be "complete, unedited recordings, taken and mixed each night from the soundboard." Fans can purchase the CD Set for $25.00. Check out this link for more info

If you didn't register for Pre-Sale information last time, or you didn't do it correctly, and would like pre-sale information for the Las Vegas shgow on the 19th, please go register at the link below. We will not be able to individually send out the information to people who did not get it, like last time, so please, if you are interested in going to the Vegas show and getting tickets before they are made available to the public, register at this time. If you registered last time, and received an e.mail with all the pertinent information, there is no need to register again. We will be sending out the code and the link by midnight EST on Thursday.

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