A Message from Management

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Hello everyone,

We are quite upset that all of you who tried to get tickets for tonight's performance at the Roxy are so disappointed. The Roxy had put tickets on sale without the band, management or agent knowing – having been very clearly instructed on a number of occasions – that there were to be NO phone sales. Someone must have not gotten that message. We only found out about it ten minutes before the box office was due to open, at which point there was nothing we could do. Our allocation, because of the size of the venue, was small anyway – so we knew that some people would be left out, which is upsetting. This is inevitable at a gig this size. We were mortified when we found out what the club had done – but as the sales were also to ardent fans, we couldn’t ‘take them back’ - even if we had been able to.

We are all sorry for any confusion, frustration or disappointment this has caused.