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After a brief trial period together, the band and Miles Copeland have amicably decided to part company, but have not ruled out working on some projects together in the future. This does NOT mean the band are not reuniting. it just means that Miles is not a part of their management team any longer.

The first track to be completed on the recording front for the new album is entitled "Taste the Summer." It is an "up tempo-groove number," according to the band.

VH1 USA will re-air Duran Duran BEHIND THE MUSIC On January 26 at 12PM EST and on Janaury 27 ay 3PM EST . VH1 UK is going to re-air BEHIND THE MUSIC on January 20th at 4PM. Also featured on VH1 UK, a brand new 5 part segment called "Sounds of the City". In the first show of the series Birmingham, England is featured, and the musicians who have started in that city - including, Duran Duran. The show starts on Thursday January 17th at 6pm. It is hosted by Paul King , of "Love and Pride" fame. (thanks to J. for this info!)