A Note from Simon

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Share the moment and spare a little of your time in the delightful Norico's "Lovely World".

We at Syn have made a very simple site for the release of "Lovely World". It includes the song, video, commercial, plus credits and links to request the song on radio and TV, plus a link to kirin to download the Chako Melo for your phones and HMV to purchase the song. It's very easy to use in both English and Japanese.


This is our first indy release on the Syn label and we need all the help we can get, particularly requesting the song to be played on the radio andTV etc.

So please check out the site and if possible send it to friends etc.. Asking them to request the song.

It's really easy, after the loading has taken place and you've entered,click on requests and you'll see we've created links to all the radio and music channels, so all you do is click on the name and it takes you to their request page.

Thanks for your help; loving you in the pink.