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Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get for the ASK KATY portion of the site. We will add and subtract to this list as necessary. Thank you!

How do you choose the questions for ASK KATY?
We try and narrow down the volume by two criteria: the amount of people who want to know the answer (i.e: the question gets asked frequently) and if the question is interesting to the band! They choose the questions; I just forward them. Another reason you may not see your question answered is because it may have already been answered in a previous ASK KATY, so please check the archives by using the SEARCH function at the bottom of the ASK KATY page

What's the band's tour plans?
We get so many e.mails asking if Duran Duran will tour in a specific country, city or state. When there is tour information, it is immediately posted on the website on both the homepage and under the TOUR portion of the site. Therefore, since we get many, many, many questions asking if the band are coming to your specific area, you can rest easy in the knowledge that if they were, it would be up on the site. We also can't let you in on advance tour plans since the change so frequently; If there is nothing posted under the TOUR, it is because we have no information on tour plans at this time.

I love the GREATEST DVD of the band's videos, but am having trouble finding the hidden extras. Can you help?
The word "GREATEST" in the main menu is the key to all the secret stuff. The R, A ,T, S, and T letters are the ones you click on by hitting enter. On DISC ONE - go "inside" the letters. Inside the letter "A" is where the gallery to the LPs are on the white walls. Select an LP to view the video from that Album. There are secret interviews if you click on the next button and then hit the 'up' key on your remote. If it shows an arrow on the title then you can hit enter and you can check out an interview or information about the LP. DISC 2 Has the same options: "GREATEST" is the secret word to enter into the LP gallery and the selected videos inside the letters. Same letters as in DISC 1 are chosen by hitting the arrow keys on your remote control. Letter "R" takes you to 'Notorious', 'Skin Trade' and 'I Don't Want you Love' .Letter A again takes you to the LP gallery where you can watch the videos that way as well. If you click on 'The Wedding Album" go to the title and it shows you an advert for the LP. Go to the 'Liberty' LP and click on the title and year where you will get to see a great interview and also see the video for 'Violence of Summer'. The Letter T at the end of word "GREATEST" will just tell you that you can pop this CD into you pc for more features.

Are there any hidden extras on the LIVE FROM LONDON DVD?
The one easter egg on LIVE FROM LONDON is the manga cartoon for "Careless Memories". In the first 10 seconds of the song, hit the up button on your DVD remote control 3 times and it will take you to the cartoon

How many different version of RIO are there? It is totally confusing - I have a cassette that sounds different than the CD and that sounds different from both the RIO LP and CARNIVAL EP. Help!
The best explanation I have seen is provided by the keen research of Tom McClintock at

How can I send something to Duran Duran?
You can send something to the guys care of:
D.I.S (Duran Information Society)
P.O. Box 419
New York, NY 10021
We cannot accept unsolicted materials such as song lyrics or demo tapes/CDs. In addition we cannot be responsible for receiving materials and photos to be signed. These items will be returned to the sender.

How did Duran Duran get their name?
The band took their name from Roger Vadim's 1960's cult sci-fi classic film "Barbarella," starring Jane Fonda. There was a character played by Milo O'Shea called Duran Duran.

Will the band be releasing a B-Side CD? Or a live CD? Another Greatest Hits? A box set?
A full on B Side collection is definitely something the band want to get to. The 2 box sets were released to rave reviews, as were re-mastered version of DURAN DURAN, RIO and SEVEN AND THE RAGGED TIGER. As for a live CD, please check out, who recorded many of the band's first reunion gigs and have made them available one by one or as a set. A CD of live tracks from the ASTRONAUT tour is included with the Deluxe version of LIVE FROM LONDON. Another Greatest Hits? Time will tell!

What are all of the "official" line-ups in Duran Duran?
The official line ups are:
Stephen Duffy, Simon Colley, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor (1978-1979)
Andy Wickett, Alan Curtis, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor (1979)
Jeff Thomas, Andy Wickett, Alan Curtis, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor (1979)
Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor (1980-1985)
Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor (1985-1990)
Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Warren Cuccurullo, Sterling Campbell (1990-1991)
Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Warren Cuccurullo (1991-1997)
Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, Warren Cuccurullo (1997-2001)
Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor (2001-2006)
Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor (2006)

Is Simon's last name really Le Bon or is it a stage name?
It is his real last name.

Is there a Filmography for John? Has he been in many movies?
Beside guesting as himself on the television shows MIAMI VICE (with the Powerstation) and LAS VEGAS (with Duran Duran), John has also acted in:
Samantha Who (2008)
Vegas, City of Dreams (2001)
Strange Frequency (2001) (TV)
She-Bat (2001)
A Diva's Christmas Carol (2000) (TV)
Four Dogs Playing Poker (2000)
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000)
Sugar Town (1999)
Drowning on Dry Land (1999)
Timeslip (1985)

What are the spoken words at the end of the song "The Chauffeur"?
The monologue is from a nature record that the band found. The man is talking about 'insects in the grass'.

In the video "Rio," who is playing the sax on the mountain and who is playing on the raft? Also, who is caught in the net and dragged on to the beach?
John is on the mountain, Nick on the raft. Simon is caught in the net.

I can't get the Essentials: Night Versions interactive disc to work.
If you were at least able to run the installation program (some people were not) and are still having problems getting the "multimedia" portion started, follow these instructions.

1. Go to Start Menu --> Programs --> Windows Explorer
2. Look in the folder where the CDK is installed: C:\Program Files\KME\cdk\duran
3. Double click on data.exe
4. You should be all set

What are the full names and birthdates of Duran Duran members?
Simon John Charles Le Bon October 27, 1958 (Scorpio)
Nigel John Taylor June 20, 1960 (Gemini)
Nicholas James (Bates) Rhodes June 8, 1962 (Gemini)
Roger Andrew Taylor April 26, 1960 (Taurus)

What is Simon saying at the beginning of the "Nightboat" video?

Simon is reciting Mercutio's speech from Romeo and Juliet.

Why don't you answer questions about the children of members of Duran Duran?
Because the site is about their fathers, not them.

Why did Nick decide to change his last name from Bates to Rhodes?

According to Nick, the change was for "aesthetic" purposes. It was decided before their first interview as Duran Duran by Nick and John. Nick asked what surname he should use and John suggested RHODES. And the rest is history.

Where can I find Duran Duran's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
Duran Duran were given a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 23, 1993. Their Star is next to John Lennon's, in front of the Capitol Records building on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

Exactly which songs did Andy play on for the NOTORIOUS record?
This is a question under much discussion, for which there is no real answer. Andy played on various tracks, as did Warren and Nile Rogers. What music of Andy's was actually used and on which songs, no one seems to know. He could very possibly be playing on parts of some songs, or not at all.

When the band play live, Nick sometimes waves his hands over his synthesizer during certain songs. What is he doing?
The instrument Nick controls with his hands during the live performance is called a Dimension Beam. There is an infared field which is sensitive to movement above the instrument. As Nick moves his hands in to this zone, it triggers Midi information which operates one of his synthesizers.

What ever happened to that "documentary" Nick announced the band were doing during the summer 2000 tour? And wasn't there one furing the ASTRONAUT tour as well?
They have been sidetracked with other things but do hope to release the 2000 Documentary some time in the future. The 2005 ASTRONAUT one looks to be coming out sooner

Can you tell me about the Duran Duran Fan Community? How much does it cost?
Duran Duran is excited to have an official fan community! The site explains all the different bonuses you get as a member. Please visit

Does Simon still have his "tiger baby" necklace? Who gave it to him?
Simon still has the necklace and wears it occasionally. He declines to name the person or history behind it.

Who was "Georgie Davis"?
George Davis (born 1941) became notorious because of an incident in which he played no part.

Davis was serving a prison sentence for armed robbery when, on August 19, 1975, it was discovered that the pitch at the Headingley cricket ground had been dug up, preventing further play in the test match between England and Australia. The vandalism was a protest by relatives and friends of George Davis, and was accompanied by graffiti proclaiming that "George Davis is innocent". Four people were put on trial, and one, Peter Chappell, was jailed for eighteen months. However, in May 1976, the Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins, after a review of the case, agreed to George Davis being freed because of doubts over the evidence presented by the police which helped convict him. Two years later, Davis was jailed again, having pleaded guilty to involvement in another robbery. Having completed that sentence in 1984, he was jailed yet again in 1987 for a further offence.(courtesy Wikipedia)

What album is the song "Secret Oktober" on?
"Secret Oktober" is a B Side to the single "Union of the Snake

Where can I order merchandise on the site?
Check out our web shop by clicking here: DD Webshop

Why aren't their any articles scanned on to the website? Or streams of TV Show appearances?
Primarily, because it violates copyright fair use laws to post anything that can have a financial impact on a publication that is currently in print or a TV show. Exceptions are made only for non-profit educational purposes (libraries, archives and schools)

Will the band play my favorite song if I ask? Did Simon see the sign I held up for him? Did John get the gift I left for him at the venue?
These are always tough questions for me.

a) Everyone has their favorite song and I always hope the band plays it, but no, they do not take requests. Not even for someone's birthday (!)

b) They really don't get back to me when I ask about seeing signage to be honest, so I stopped asking. It's pretty tough for them to see past the first few rows & there is a lot out there to see. But they do appreciate the ones they get a glimpse of for sure.

c) The band get so many nice gifts, it wouldn't be possible to acknowledge receipt of them, unfortunately.

I have asked for a signed photo, why can't I have one? Can I send in my CD of RIO for the band to sign?
Unfortunately, due to the amount of requests, it just wouldn't be possible for the band to send a signed photo to everyone who asks for one. Certainly exceptions are made for charity auctions, etc, but for the most part it would be too hard to send a photo to everyone who asks; as for sending something in for the band to sign, the same rule applies - besides that it wouldn't be possible to fulfill every request, we also cannot accept responsibility for someone else's property.

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