Viva Las Vegas!

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The Vegas shows had some surprises! The first night, the fans were treated to LATE BAR and the 2nd night had the band playing ANYONE OUT THERE. Nick made his stage debut by playing a bit of SWEET JANE (Lou Reed) on guitar! So what did Warren do? He went and played Nick's keyboard. And the introduction for NOTORIOUS was a little stranger than usual - it found Simon sitting on stage surrounded by toys and a blow up doll with a sign NO TOYS FOR US (say it out loud!)

During the day time in Vegas, the band payed a visit to the Liberace museum where the car featured on the cover of POP TRASH is displayed. This time, the guys were allowed to get in to the car and Nick actually played one of Liberace's way of tribute, he placed a candelabra on his synth for the encore on the 2nd night.