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"On the Duran Duran front we're starting to gear up for our upcoming UK tour. We've got an appearance on Children in need - 11/17/00, and I'm doing the "Frank Skinner Show" on 11/19/00. Also, look out forlive performances at the opening of the new "Hard Rock Cafe" in Manchester
12/1/00 and "Crusaid" at the Albert Hall in London on 12/2/00.

I am also doing lots of stuff with SYN, my production company with Nick Wood. Oh boy yeah, things are starting to happen for SYN. big noises coming out of the neon city. During the next months I will be working with Mr Nick Wood on a lot of stuff but some I got to keep secret. What I can tell you is that there is a duet in the pipe with our old friend Robert Palmer - "baby you can drive my car" - slated for release around the launch of Ford's new fun/futuristic car designed by Marc Newson, which was unveiled last year at the Milan furniture design show.