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Here is a little bit of news from Simon, Nick and Warren:

Simon is in Japan at the moment, working on some SYN stuff. He says he has been doing lots of reading and recommends Robertson Davies' "Deptford Trilogy", John Krakauer "Into thin air",Elmore Leonard "The Black Dahlia" andSebastian Faulkes "Birdsong"

Warrenand Claudia attended Milton Nascimento's birthday on October 26th in Brazil. Milton turned 58 - yay Milton!

Nick and Warren met with a US technology company and they are hoping to use their stuff on the road. Nick says that if the deal does go thru, it will be "the first time any artist has taken out LIVE cyber technology on the road." Something to look forward to.

And if you live in Europe, you may have seen the guys pop by VH1 Europe last Thursday for a surprise visit!