Happy Monday

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Thanks to everyone who came to the East Coast shows - they were terrific!

The Bethlehem show went off without a hitch - the boys met the press and ripped thru a hour and half set including The Reflex (but not WILD BOYS). On to Toronto, where the guys hadn't played since 1997. Much More Music ran their Duran Duran special the day of the show, which made the band feel very welcome! It was the loudest crowd on the tour so far! Simon, Nick and Warren found the Canadians to be "Amazing!" The guys treated the enthusiastic audience to both The Reflex and The Wild Boys.

Last night was Pittsburgh - Duran Duran haven't played there in over 10 years! In the encore, the guys played the song POP TRASH MOVIE, which was dedicated to Pop Artist Andy Warhol, who was born in Pittsburgh.