A Night at the Rum Runner!

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As the eighties were getting underway, there was a nightclub in Birmingham called the Rum Runner playing a mixture of old and new, notably 'sound with style.' It was also here where John Taylor and Nick Rhodes formed a clear vision for their band, Duran Duran. The sounds and the styles at the Rum Runner played a big part in the Duran Duran concept. The club's owners became the band's mangers while the boys earned their keep with various jobs around the club, including DJing by Nick. This was a defining time for the young band and set the stage for where they were about to go.

This broadcast is a special treat put together by John and Nick. They wanted to recreate what a night out at the Rum Runner was like in 1980... the music of the time that inspired them and made them move! The two of them put together a master playlist of many different artists all mixed together smoothly just like you'd hear in a club. It's a 3-4 hour loop that will broadcast continuously through January. All tracks have been chosen by Nick and John and were mixed by DJOktober from Late Bar Radio.

To tune in, go to http://www.johntayloronline.com or http://www.latebarradio.com. Broadcast starts early on Friday, December 22nd!