Duran Duran Record Store Day, April 22, 2023

Two releases coming to Record Store Day in April:

RIO CARNIVAL - Following the release of Duran Duran’s smash hit album “RIO,” a selection of Night Versions and Remixes were released on the “CARNIVAL EP” to capitalize on increased radio and night-club play at the time. The original CARNIVAL EP’s were the key to unlocking Duran Duran’s international success at the time and each tracklisting differed around the world. For the 40th Anniversary year of ‘RIO’ this LP collects together all of the RIO Night Versions and Carnival Remixes into one collection for the first time exclusively for RSD 2023. SIDE A – 1. Rio (Night Version) (6:39), 2. My Own Way (Night Version) (6:34), 3. Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version) (5:14) // SIDE B – 1. Hold Back The Rain (Carnival Remix) (7:00), 2. New Religion (Carnival Remix) (5:13), 3. Rio (Part 2) (5:28). 1 LP - Red Blue Swirl. Record Store Day, April 22 2023 - Worldwide

TV MANIA - BORED WITH PROZAC AND THE INTERNET? - TV Mania is Nick Rhodes & Warren Cuccurullo from Duran Duran. Only ever released in a pressing extremely limited to 100. Record Store Day North America Exclusive on Opaque White Vinyl, April 22 2023.



New Releases


Digital Deluxe out now featuring 3 new songs including LAUGHING BOY