buried in the sand

Hi Katy, At the beginning of the song Buried in the Sand Simon is whispering words that I can partially make out but not entirely. I think he is saying: "It's too bad.... it's really sad... it's disrespectful???... nevermind???" I was wondering if Simon could be willing to enlighten me regarding what the final words he says before the official lyrics begin with "Can't say that I was surprised..." Also, just wanted to comment that Medazzaland is a super album, very catchy in an unexplainable kind of way. It certainly deserves more respect than it has received. Lastly, truly looking forward to hearing all the original members making great music togther again, the sound bites are outstanding, energetic but with polished confidence... all the best, Richard

" Well, I thought about it and I seemed to remember this:

"You always were a wanker.

Fuck off and die.

My dick's bigger than yours anyway.'

But then I put the record on and realised that this is much closer to the truth:

"Is there a reason?

there must be.

do you care?

It's really sad.

I guess that's just the way it goes, never mind."

So I guess the moral of this story is................... I'm too tired, I've got to go to bed; let's talk about it tomorrow. whoosh s

PS. Of course the best thing about "Buried in the Sand" is that it's followed by "Michael, you've got a lot to answer for."

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